Edge Paint Roller

Edge Paint Roller - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply
Edge Paint Roller - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Rocky Mountain

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This edge paint roller we have put through the testing ringer and it performed extremely well.  It is a very impressive balance of both coverage and control.

The wire cage tips are replaceable (We sell replacements in both sizes) covers the bearing to prevent any moisture or edge paint from cover. The tips store a nice amount of edge paint and allow you to paint a large area without re-loading. The bearings are smooth and allow the tip to roll freely across your work giving you great precision and accuracy. One of the toughest parts of painting edges is getting near the edge evenly. This roller makes that a breeze now by holding it at a 45 degree and evenly going down your edge. 

When you are in between coats or done applying edge paint, fill up a small cup with water to the height of the wire gate and drop in the pen. The water-based edge paints will dissolve in just a few minutes cleaning the tip and making it ready to use again. On the occasion you accidentally forget to you will only need to replace the tip. We carry replacement tips in both sizes. 

This product we highly recommend and will make a big difference in your edge work.

**Replaceable Tips for both small and large available


  • Tip Length: 0.8 inches
  • Overall Length: 6 inches


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