• Alran - Chevre Chagrin "Maroquin" - Goat Leather - 2.5oz (1.1 mm)

    Alran (France)

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    **Free Leather Splitting down to 0.5mm also available! Click this link and add to cart. 

    Chevre Chagrin "Maroquin" Goat Leather comes from the Alran Tannery in France. The Alran tannery has been producing some of the finest goat leather for luxury brands for over 100 years. They are well known for their premium goat leather and the beautiful colors they are able to produce. 

    This goat leather is their top grade, it is both chrome tanned and veg tanned in an unique 23 step process that takes over 3 weeks to produce each hide. This special process involves a lot of hands and working the leather to give it the beautiful grain, soft supple feel and an even color. The grain has a natural texture that adds beautiful depth to the leather. It is easy to cut and skive.  

    The difference between the Maroquin and other Alran chevre articles is the size of the hide and the finish.  The Maroquin is an analine finish that brings in the beautiful variation of the leather. The maroquin comes in larger hides than liegee main are are tailored more for bags and larger projects. Or...if you just want more leather on a hide.

    **The Ligee Main will show more variation and imperfections in the leather. If you want a very clean leather we prefer you purchase the Sully. If you like a rustic type look with beautiful variation the Ligee Main is a great fit.




    Small leather goods, bags, linings & book covers

    Sizes Available:

    • 2.5oz (1.1mm)  


    • Full Hide:  0.5-0.6 sq meters (5.4-6.4 square feet)  $69.99-79.99 
    • Price Match Guarantee - We guarantee the best price per square foot and will match any other retailers, just send us a quick link in an email.

      * We will measure each order and refund any hides that are smaller than rated size (anything larger you keep)

      ** We are an official dealer for Alran, if you have any order from small to large production contact us for more details/pricing. 

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