Overstock - American Alligator Tails - (Glazed Black) - 50% OFF!

Overstock - American Alligator Tails - (Glazed Black) - 50% OFF!
Overstock - American Alligator Tails - (Glazed Black) - 50% OFF!
Overstock - American Alligator Tails - (Glazed Black) - 50% OFF!
Overstock - American Alligator Tails - (Glazed Black) - 50% OFF!

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5 reviews
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**We are not currently set up to export, for now these are only purchases in the US** 


We are excited to have available a limited run of American Alligator Tails. American Alligator is a luxury exotic leather that is highly sought after in many luxury goods. These specific skins are from smaller tails and are used by the luxury watch making brands for their watch straps and small leather goods. 

These specific American Alligator tails are farm raised which is the highest quality and selected from only grade 1/2 bodies. These being glazed they go through an added step where the fully aniline dyed skins are polished by a special agate stone. This creates an incredible depth to the vibrant colors that just can't be reproduced any other way. When natural light hits the skins the colors come alive. Hence again the reason glazed tails are so special and highly sought after.

We are really excited to offer these tails, we think it can be a nice lower cost entry into exotics. So many amazing products are made from the tails - Watch Straps, Camera Straps, Card Wallets, Lanyards, Coin Cases, Accents, Card Slots...the list goes on. The price of the complete Alligator  skin the tails came from were easily $700+. Most the tails are priced at a fraction of the cost ($99) depending on grade and size. We hope you enjoy this special opportunity and are looking forward to the seeing the projects you create!


For ease in choosing a tail we have measured them in both width (just below the butt) and length (from butt to end of tail) and noted that on each listing. We have adjust the price if it is more or less than the average so that you pay according to the size. 

The average size for these skins is:

  • Width:  ~ 6.5 inches
  • Length: ~ 12 inches

*These sizes are approximations contact us if you have specific requirements

Thickness: 0.8mm +/- 0.2mm


Normal grading process for crocodile/alligator is only done for the belly. The tails never get graded, but with each one being unique we wanted to create a grading process to help you understand what you are getting. The grading process is from A-D (most the skins are A and B) and has appropriate discounts for each grade the lower you go. Also we also offer a discount if the length of the tail is shorter than average. Some skins may have irregular scales, we have identified these skins with *IR and offered a discount. Most cases they are fairly symmetric and really cool looking. We hope that helps!

Grade A

  • 0/1 Defects
  • Really Clean Tail
  • Great for all types of projects that fit

These tails are very nice, and graded as A for this listing


All the skins have been imported following CITES II regulations and are from farm raised animals that were not harvested for their skins. We currents are not set up to export but are working to have that as an opportunity in the near future.