Clearance Leather Panels (OUTLET) - Up to 60% Off

Clearance Leather Panels (OUTLET) - Up to 60% Off

Rocky Mountain

Sale price$ 22.49 USD

 Our discounted "Odd Lots" are panels/hides that we are offering discounted with the following %'s below. Often the pieces are really nice and are a great way to get some quality leather for small leather goods or to practice with. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

  • 10% Off - Nice piece, only very minor issues
  • 20% Off - Nice piece, but a few more defects 
  • 30% Off - Nice piece with a few larger defects
  • 40% Off - Larger defects ~20% of piece
  • 50% Off - Larger defects ~30% of piece
  • 60%+ Off - Really rough piece, good for practice 

*Often we are generous in our grading to give you a better deal on the piece of leather.

We are not offering additional splitting on the odd lots at this time.