Conceria Walpier 🇮🇹 - Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro" - Veg Tanned Leather (PANELS)

Conceria Walpier 🇮🇹 - Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro" - Veg Tanned Leather (PANELS)
Conceria Walpier 🇮🇹 - Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro" - Veg Tanned Leather (PANELS)
Conceria Walpier 🇮🇹 - Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro" - Veg Tanned Leather (PANELS)

Conceria Walpier (Italy)

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  • Article:  Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro"
  • Tannery: Conceria Walpier 🇮🇹 (Italy)
  • Full Grain: Yes
  • Tannage: Vegetable Tanned
  • Cut: Double Shoulder (No Belly = Higher Yield)
  • Grain (Top): Smooth with Black Wax that will wear off with use
  • Flesh (Bottom): Smooth Nap
  • Firmness: Firm 8/10
  • Dye: Completely Through 
  • Finish: Full Aniline
  • Burnishable: Yes
  • Thickness: 5oz (2.0mm) +/- 0.2mm
  • Splitting: Yes, down to 0.6mm *Please note split leather cannot be returned
  • Restocked: No, limited supply 


    Black Wax Buttero "Black Burro" Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from Conceria Walpier Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. They are well known for their traditional methods of vegetable tanning with tree barks that go back 100's of years. Walpier is a member of the exclusive Pelle Vegetale Consortium certifying they tan leather using the strict traditional vegetal methods. We offer serialized certification tags you can attach to your finished products HERE 

    The black finish is a matte black wax finish that will polish up and patina over time exposing more and more of the beautiful color beneath. You can buff with a canvas cloth to remove some of the finish to get just the right look you want to start with.  Note the wax is durable and will take some effort to remove. There may be some marks in the black coatings, they will remove over time with use.

    This veg tan leather is their top grade, it is full grain and has a nice balance between supple and firm. It is easy to cut and skive. The veg tan's firmness will give some rigidity to your products and even allows for great molding applications. It is some of the most versatile leather we have found. Their beautiful colors will provide near endless color options and combinations to mix into your projects. 

     This leather is quite sensitive to marking/scratching so you may receive a piece that already has some of the white wax marked up. We always try to handle with such care but because it is so sensitive, markings can happen in our fulfillment and shipping process. You should be able to soften those markings with some buffing.


    • Panel:  2 square feet  (12 x 24 inches):  $39.99 
    • Panel:  1 square feet  (12 x 12 inches):  $21.99 
    • Panel:  1 square feet  (9 x 16 inches):  $21.99 
    • Panel: 0.5 square feet (4.5 x 16 inches): $12.99
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    • 5oz (2.0mm)  
    • We offer splitting of leather to thinner weights 
      • Please note split leather can not be returned


    We are the Official North America distributor for Conceria Walpier. We can offer discounts on FULL HIDES (Double Shoulders)