• Tanneries Haas - Novonappa® - Calf Leather (Chocolate) - 5oz (2.0mm)

    Tanneries Haas (France)

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    **Free Leather Splitting down to 0.5mm also available! Click this link and add to cart. 
    Novonappa (Barenia) Leather comes from Tanneries Haas in France. Haas has been making leather since 1842 and is well known for their premium calfskin leathers and as a supplier to many of the high-end luxury brands.
    This calfskin is their top grade and has a nice balance between supple and firm. Novonappa which is also known as Barenia is double tanned to give its nice feel and beautiful color. The calf has a magic to healing scratches and creates one of the most beautiful patinas over time. The flesh side is finished nicely for showing it off naturally or adding a liner to it.

    Thickness Available:

    • 3.5oz (1.4mm)
    • 5oz (2.0mm) This listing is for 5.0oz Chocolate Color


    • Full Hide:  ~24 square feet  (~2.2 sq meters): $16.99 sqft
    • 1/2 Hide:  ~12 square feet  (~1.1 sq meters): $16.99 sqft
    • 1/4 Hide:   ~6 square feet  (~0.6 sq meters): $18.99 sqft
    • *NEW* - Purchase by Square Foot ($23.99)
      • Most will be cut in 12 x 12 inches
      • If you order more than 1 sqft we will combine sqft into one larger piece


    • Bags, Clutches, Purses 
    • Wallet Exteriors and Interiors
    • Small Leather Goods 


    * We will measure each order and refund any hides that are smaller than rated size (anything larger you keep)

    Tanneries Haas - Novonappa® - Calf Leather (Chocolate) - 5oz (2.0mm)

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