• Haas Novonappa Calf Leather (Chocolate) - 5.0 oz (2.0mm) - Made in France

    Tannery Haas

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    Novonappa (Barenia) Leather comes from Tannery Haas in France. Haas has been making leather since 1842 and is well known for their premium calfskin leathers and as a supplier to many of the high-end luxury brands.
    This calfskin is their top grade and has a nice balance between supple and firm. Novonappa which is also known as Barenia is double tanned to give its nice feel and beautiful color. The calf has a magic to healing scratches and creates one of the most beautiful patinas over time. The flesh side is finished nicely for showing it off naturally or adding a liner to it.

    Thickness Available:

    • 3.5oz (1.4mm)
    • 5oz (2.0mm) This listing is for 5.0oz Chocolate Color


    • Full Hide:  ~24 square feet  (~2.2 sq meters): $16.99 sqft
    • 1/2 Hide:  ~12 square feet  (~1.1 sq meters): $16.99 sqft
    • 1/4 Hide:   ~6 square feet  (~0.6 sq meters): $18.99 sqft
    • *NEW* - Purchase by Square Foot ($23.99)
      • Most will be cut in 12 x 12 inches
      • If you order more than 1 sqft we will combine sqft into one larger piece


    • Bags, Clutches, Purses 
    • Wallet Exteriors and Interiors
    • Small Leather Goods 


    * We will measure each order and refund any hides that are smaller than rated size (anything larger you keep)

Haas Novonappa Calf Leather (Chocolate) - 5.0 oz (2.0mm) - Made in France

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