Douglas 🇺🇸 - Versa Stitching Groover + Blade

Douglas Versa Groover w/ Blade - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply
Douglas Versa Groover w/ Blade - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Douglas (USA)

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The Douglas Versa Groover is in a category of its own and is one of our favorite products. As its name suggests it its clever design makes for a versatile tool that can handle all the needs of leather grooving.

The edge guide can be flipped to left or right side with the turn of a screw, this allows the tool to be used by both right handers and left handers. The guide can also be removed to allow for free hand and grooving the middle areas of your leather where you may want to remove leather for a fold. The build quality is exceptional across the board from blade to screws and tolerances. It is a fantastic tool that is built to last.


  • Highest machine work and build quality
  • Premium steel blades come very sharp and hold edges for very long time
  • Comes with edge guide to get reliable grooving along edge
  • Clever guide design can flip for both left-hand and right-hand use, also be removed for grooving all areas of your leather



  • Small Tip - 1.0mm Diameter
  • Medium Tip - 1.25mm Diameter
  • Large Tip - 1.5mm Diameter



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