THK (Hasi-Hato) ­čç»­čçÁ - Japanese Snaps - Solid Brass "Line" Snaps

THK (Hasi-Hato) ­čç»­čçÁ  - Japanese Snaps - Solid Brass "Line" Snaps
THK (Hasi-Hato) ­čç»­čçÁ  - Japanese Snaps - Solid Brass "Line" Snaps

THK / Hasihato (Japan)

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These premium Hasi-Hato Line snaps are made by Hasi Hato in Japan. They are produced to very tight tolerances making for a consistent and reliable snap you can entrust your best projects with. 

The snaps come in solid brass that will patina nicely over time. Each set comes with required 4 parts to make a set (For 10 pack you will receive 40 parts in total to make 10 sets of snaps.) The brass can also be easily modified to create a shiny brass finish or brushed look. For the brushed look take some 220-300 grit sandpaper and run the cap along it in same direction. After a few passes you will have a nice brushed finish with sanding all in parallel lines. For polishing take a strop with some of our green rouge and rub the cap across it. After a few passes it will polish right up to a nice luster.  

For application you will need a special snap setter for the these Line Snaps, we have economy setters available here:


  • Solid Brass -┬á($7.99 per 10 pack)

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MADE IN┬áJAPAN┬á­čç»­čçÁ


  • Small
    • Top Cap┬áDiameter: 12.5mm
    • Post Diameter: 3.25mm
    • Max Leather Thickness: 3.2mm
  • Large
    • Top Cap Diameter: 15.0mm
    • Post Diameter: 4.25mm
    • Max Leather Thickness: 3.2mm



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