• JE Sedgwick Traditional English Bridle Leather

    J & E Sedgwick (UK)

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    This english bridle leather comes from J & E Sedgwick & Co. Ltd in the UK. Sedgwick was founded in 1900 and have become renown for for past century for their bridle leathers. The leather is 

    This English Bridle is Sedgwick's top grade. It is a firm temper that makes for some of the most premium belts, bags, wallets and small leather goods. A special characteristic of the Sedgwick bridle is its "Bloom" which is the wax that is impregnated into the leather to give it its signature touch. The bloom overtime works its way to the surface and creates a soft white color. This can be brushed back into the leather or left as a nice aging look.

    Thickness Available:

    • 3.5-4.0mm (It can be split down to thinner thicknesses upon request)


    • Full Hide:  ~10 square feet  (60 x 26 inches): $29.99 sqft
    • 1/2 Hide:  ~5 square feet  (30 x 26 inches): $31.99 sqft
    • 1/4 Hide: ~2.5 square feet (15 x 26 inches): $35.99 sqft
    • *NEW* - Purchase by Square Foot ($36.99 sqft)
      • Most will be cut in 12 x 12 inches, (9 x 16 inches is available upon request)
      • If you order more than 1 sqft let us know and we can combine sqft into one larger piece


    * We will measure each order and refund any hides that are smaller than rated size (anything larger you keep)

    **Free Leather Splitting down to 0.5mm also available! Click this link and add to cart. 






JE Sedgwick Traditional English Bridle Leather

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