Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)

Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)
Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)
Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)
Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)
Shinki Hikaku 🇯🇵 - Oiled Horse Butts *Limited* (HIDES)

Shinki Hikaku (Japan)

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  • Article:  Oiled Horse Butts
  • Tannery: Shinki Hikaku (Japan)
  • Tannage: Vegetable Tanned
  • Full Grain: Yes
  • Cut: Horse Butts
  • Grain (Top): Smooth with Rustic Characteristics 
  • Flesh (Bottom): Smooth
  • Firmness: Medium 6/10
  • Yield: 75%+
  • Dye: Completely Through 
  • Finish: Full Aniline 
  • Burnishable: Yes
  • Thickness: ~6oz (2.4mm) +/- 0.4mm
  • Splitting: Unfortunately we are not splitting this article, if you really need it split contact us for details
  • Restocked: No, Limited supply
  • Discounts: Yes, volume discounts automatically applied on full hides. Note Paypal does not load the discounts, please pay with credit card instead 


Shinki Hikaku Oiled Horse Butts leather comes from Kobe, Japan. Shinki has been in business since 1951 and are one of the few remaining tanneries producing this special article.  They are well known for their attention to detail, beautiful hides and rich colors. Shinki shell has its subtle differences than the other tanneries, it has a beautiful more polished luster and are less waxy feeling. These unique traits lend itself to really clean small leather goods.

The horse butts are cut from butt section of the hides that don't have the size and other attributes to be selected for shell cordovan. This veg tan horse butts leather is the top grade, it is full grain with incredible denseness and a rich feel. Often many of these hides you will see small areas of actual shell cordovan within the hide you can you can use. It has a nice firmness with some slight suppleness. Horse butts are an extremely dense fibrous area of leather that lends itself well to durable applications like boots, shoes, wallets and other small leather goods. Horse butts has unique characteristics like spider web veining, dark spots, scars and cuts. The expected yield is 75%+.

These horse butts have an aniline finish showing off its natural grain and beauty meaning it will patina. One of the unique aspects of this leather is the honey comb pattern of wrinkles you see in the hides. It is a signature of some of this horse butt and give a special look to products made with it. And lastly, this leather has a TPR finish, which is a resin finish to gives the hide a stunning shell cordovan-esque finish. This leather is about as close as you get to shell cordovan at roughly 1/3rd the cost. We are confident this will become one of your favorites


    • 1 ds = 0.107 square feet

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      Great For:

      • Shoes
      • Wallet Exteriors
      • Watch Straps
      • Small Leather Goods