Tanneries Haas 🇫🇷 - Box Calf - French Calfskin Leather - 3.5oz (1.4mm)

Tanneries Haas 🇫🇷 - Box Calf - French Calfskin Leather - 3.5oz (1.4mm)
Tanneries Haas 🇫🇷 - Box Calf - French Calfskin Leather - 3.5oz (1.4mm)

Tanneries Haas (France)

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  • Article:  Box Calf
  • Tannery: Tanneries Haas 🇫🇷 (France)
  • Full Grain: Yes
  • Tannage: Vegetable Re-Tanned
  • Cut: Whole Hides
  • Grain (Top): Smooth
  • Flesh (Bottom): Smooth Nap
  • Firmness:  Medium 6/10
  • Dye: Completely Through 
  • Finish: Full Aniline 
  • Burnishable: No, Edge Paint Recommended
  • Thickness: 3.5oz (1.4mm) +/- 0.2mm
  • Splitting: No
  • Restocked: No, we are no longer stocking this article.
  • Discounts: No, as we are no longer stocking this article discounts will not be applied.
  • Luxury Brands: Yes, used by one of the top luxury brands on Handbags, Watch Straps and other Small Leather Goods

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Box Calf Leather comes from Tanneries Haas in France. Haas has been making leather since 1842 and is well known for their premium calfskin leathers and as a supplier to many of the high-end luxury brands.

This calfskin is their top grade and leans on the firm side. Box Calf is well known in the shoe world for its great molding capabilities and beautiful finish. It has also has been a popular choice for many luxury brand bags that like the firmness of the lather and can hold shape. The calf will patina beautifully over time. The flesh side is finished nicely for showing it off naturally or adding a liner to it.

Thickness Available:

  • 3.5oz (1.2-1.4mm)


  • Panel:  2 square feet  (12 x 24"):  $49.99 Panel
  • Panel:  1 square feet  (9 x 16 or 12x12"):  $24.99 Panel
  • Panel:  0.5 square feet  (4.5 x 16"):  $13.99 Panel

Large Production Order? 

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  • Bags, Clutches, Purses 
  • Wallet Exteriors and Interiors
  • Small Leather Goods 
  • Shoes
  • Watch Straps


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