• Vergez Blanchard Pricking Irons (Other Sizes) ** Inverse**

    Vergez Blanchard

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    Brand new Vergez Blanchard **inverse** pricking irons available in other sizes to expand your set.

    These pricking irons are made of high quality steel and have a nice weight to them. The heavier weight makes it easy to set the tool in the correct position, preventing it from moving on you. The width of the teeth are fairly thin (unlike many irons) and create a very clean, non-bulky opening for threading.

    These irons will really develop your hand stitching efficiency and will produce extremely clean stitches. In my opinion these are the some of the best pricking irons you can buy and one of the fastest ways to improve your hand stitching.  


    #5 TPI - 5.4 mm between teeth 

    #6 TPI - 4.5 mm between teeth

    #7 TPI - 3.9 mm between teeth

    #8 TPI - 3.4 mm between teeth

    #9 TPI - 3.0 mm between teeth

    #10 TPI - 2.7 mm between teeth

    #12 TPI - 2.3 mm between teeth

    #14 TPI - 1.9 mm between teeth

    Single Tooth Iron 


    *  Save $10 when purchasing the pricking iron sets (2 tooth & wide iron) vs. purchasing individually (Click Here)

    **   We can also get any other customs sizes (reverse portmanteau, or different # of teeth) if you prefer

Vergez Blanchard Pricking Irons (Other Sizes) ** Inverse**

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