Alran ūüáęūüá∑ - "Fat Nat" Chevre - Goat Leather (SAMPLES)

Alran ūüáęūüá∑ - "Fat Nat" Chevre - Goat Leather (SAMPLES)
Alran ūüáęūüá∑ - "Fat Nat" Chevre - Goat Leather (SAMPLES)
Alran ūüáęūüá∑ - "Fat Nat" Chevre - Goat Leather (SAMPLES)
Alran ūüáęūüá∑ - "Fat Nat" Chevre - Goat Leather (SAMPLES)

Alran (France)

7 reviews
7 reviews
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  • Article:¬†¬†Fat Nat
  • Tannery:¬†Alran (France
  • Full Grain: Yes
  • Firmness:¬†Medium
  • Grain (Top):¬†Smooth (Suede)
  • Flesh (Bottom):¬†Smooth
  • Dye:¬†Completely Through
  • Burnishable: Yes, with Tokonole, Edge Paint Preferred
  • Thickness: 2.5oz (1.2mm) +/- 0.2mm¬†
  • ReStock: Yes, restocked every 2 months


Chevre "Fat Nat" Goat Leather comes from the Alran Tannery in France. The Alran tannery has been producing some of the finest goat leather for luxury brands for over 100 years. They are well known for their premium goat leather and the beautiful colors they are able to produce. 

This goat leather is their top grade. The leather is tanned in a full veg-tanned crust and then retanned and dyed with some mineral tannage to add softness and strength at thinner thicknesses. The tanning process is a unique 23 step process that takes over 4 weeks to produce each hide. This special process involves a lot of hands and working the leather to give it the beautiful grain, soft supple feel and even color. The grain has a natural buffed texture similar to suede that adds beautiful depth to the leather. It is easy to cut and skive.  


Small leather goods, bags, wallets, linings & book covers

*Please note some hides have a more narrow clean center area than others. Please confirm with us before splitting if you have any size limitations and we can ensure you will receive the right hide.


  • 2.5oz¬†(1.0-1.2mm)¬†*Free splitting to thinner weights¬†
    • Please note split leather can not be returned


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