Leather Splitting Service

Do you have leather that is too thick? Do you need your leather more even and at a consistent thickness?  We can help!

We have industrial leather splitters that can precisely split down your leather to the thickness you need for your project. We accept customer provided leather or can split the leather we sell. Our splitter has a width of 32" but we prefer to trim the leather to about 28" wide to ensure it feeds nicely. If your hides are wider than 28" you can trim them down prior to shipping or we can do that here.

The tolerances for splitting are very tight for smaller pieces (+/- 0.1mm) for larger hides the tolerance is (+/1 0.15mm) Usually they will be very close to the desired thickness. We can split leather from 6mm thick down to 0.5mm thin. 

Benefits of splitting:

  • Splitting to thinner size gives you right thickness for your application
  • Reduces weight from your project
  • Remove variation in tannery split hides to an even thickness 
  • Ability to split to 0.4mm (We recommend not going under 0.5mm in most cases)
  • Removing hair on flesh sides uses less glue 
  • Removing hair on flesh also makes for cleaner adhesion with stiffeners and liners  

Reach out with your project requirements and we can get you taken care of!

E-mail:  info@rmleathersupply.com


    • Cut Fee
      • 1-25 sqft - $2.50 per sqft 
      • 26-50 sqft - $2.25 per sqft 
      • 51-100 sqft - $2.00 per sqft 
      • 101-200 sqft - $1.75 per sqft 
      • 200+ sqft - $1.60 per sqft