Leather Prototyping Service

Looking to test out a design before making expensive dies? Looking for quick way to prototype your new design and see how it performs? We can help!

All we need is an Adobe Illustrator file and we can help get you on your way! Don't have an Illustrator file? We can help with that as well. We have in house designers that can help you create a file to your drawing or sketch. 

Reach out with your project requirements and we can get you taken care of

E-mail:  info@rmleathersupply.com


  • Illustrator Design Services
    • $50/hr
    • Usually takes 30 mins for simple projects, 1-2 hours for more complex projects
  • Prototype Setup Fee
    • $10 (One time project fee)
  • Cut Fee (20% Discount if leather purchased from us)
    • 1-10 Parts - $1.50 per part 
    • 10-50 Parts - $1.20 per part 
    • 50-200 Parts - $0.80 per part 
    • 200-500 Parts - $0.60 per part 
    • 500+ Parts - $0.50 per part