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We are so excited to now offer FREE SPLITTING on all our leathers. We hope this service will provide you the added flexibility to choose leather at just the right thickness for your needs.

Our band knife splitter can split up to 28 inches (750 mm) wide, with a very precise +/-0.2mm tolerance. *Most* of our 1/2 hides fit the splitter and don't require cutting. (If you must have a half hide dimension and want it split, leave a note in your order to email you if they have to cut it down to fit it through the splitter).

If you need a full hide split we will cut it into 2 sides that fit the splitter. We also can split customer provided leather, we will have you ship it to us with provided requirements and we can split and ship it back to you. 

Benefits of splitting:

  • Splitting to thinner size gives you right thickness for your application
  • Reduces weight from your project
  • Remove variation in tannery split hides to an even thickness 
  • Ability to split to 0.5mm 
  • Removing hair on flesh sides uses less glue 
  • Removing hair on flesh also makes for cleaner adhesion with stiffeners and liners  

Just note at checkout your splitting needs and we will confirm with you. Also note by splitting the hides we don't offer returns or exchanges. If you want to see a picture of each hide before this we can arrange that.

Sending in your own leather

Please send us an email to so we are notified that you are sending in leather to be split. 

Send leather to

Rocky Mountain Leather Supply 
Leather Splitting
9240 S 500 W
Sandy Ut 84070

Once we receive the leather we will measure it and email you an invoice with splitting per sq foot charges and for return shipping and handling. (Even if you are combining your personal leather with items purchased from our store, you will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee)

Once the invoice is paid, we will split your leather and send it back out to you. 

You need to include a note with your package letting us know the thickness you want the leather split to as well as a diagram if the leather needs to be cut to clear our splitter. We have a 28" width limit on the splitter. Depending on the leather, we can go right to the 28" but on some leathers we may have to cut it smaller. We will contact you if that is the case. The leather can be any length.

It takes about 1-2 weeks from the time we receive the leather to invoice you, split the leather and send it back out to you.


We can split leather you purchase from our shop or from your own 


Services Pricing
Leather Purchased from Rocky Mountain  All Splitting is Free
Customer Provided Leather - (1-25 sqft) $2.50 per Square Foot
Customer Provided Leather - (26-50 sqft)
$2.25 per Square Foot
Customer Provided Leather - (51-100 sqft)
$2.00 per Square Foot
Customer Provided Leather - (100-200 sqft)
$1.75 per Square Foot
Customer Provided Leather - (200+ sqft)
$1.60 per Square Foot
** We also offer to cut a hide into smaller sections and split at different thicknesses.  $3.99 for an additional cut and split