Chartermade - Signature Series - Japanese Skiving Knife

Chartermade - Signature Series - Japanese Skiving Knife


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We are excited to have available a Signature Series line of Chartermade skiving knives. These knives are hand made by Terrick of Chartermade in South Africa in a 4-hour process with the utmost attention to detail.

His obsession for perfection can be immediately seen when handling and using these knives. The knives are made of the finest materials, the steel comes from Austria and has superb edge retention. The handle is crafted from beautiful African Teak wood and has a very ergonomic shape for comfortable skiving and cutting.

The blade shape is designed in the traditional japanese skiving shape offering a square face and more aggressive low angled taper. The bevel has a unique shape to it that is used in specialty knives to add strength to the tip, reducing wear and dulling. This knife has some of the longest blade retention we have found, simply stropping before use a few times and it will stay razor sharp for years. A benefit of the japanese style skving knives is the universality of being able to use it in many cutting applications in addition to skiving. By holding it vertically with your hand more on the body of the blade you can also cut out patterns and trim leather edges. A strop is included in the purchase. 

The skiving knife comes razor sharp. We are confident this will be a go-to knife for your skiving and cutting needs and a great addition to your workshop.

*Can be used as both Right & Left Handed 




  • Blade Width: 1.25 in (35mm)
  • Handle Length: 4.25 in(107mm)
  • Full Length (Handle to Tip): 6.5 in (165mm)


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