SkyHigh Economy Soft Tip Mallet/Hammer (12oz)

SkyHigh Economy Soft Tip Mallet/Hammer (12oz)

Rocky Mountain

Sale price$ 19.99 USD


This soft tip nylon hammer is a nice mallet for all your medium/light punching needs and is a nice companion to your (pricking irons, hole punches, rivet setting, stamps, tooling, etc.)

The hammer has 2 soft urethane tips to protect your tools from damage and the “mushrooming” effect when you strike the tools.  This mallet is 12oz, a very comfortable weight to maneuver and can still pack a punch.


  • Total Length: 28cm (11 inches)
  • Length of head: 10cm (4 inches)
  • Diameter of face: 35mm (1.4inches)
  • Weight: 12oz


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