Economy Zipper Glue Guides

Economy Zipper Glue Guides

Rocky Mountain

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This zipper guide is a handy too that makes preparing your zipper for glue or tape an easy task. The guide fits around your YKK and other zippers to create a barrier and protect the zipper from glue where you don't want it and ensure you get it exactly where you do want it. This little tool is a time saver and prevents you from glue ruining a project!


  • Length: 8 inches
  • Zipper Fit Width:
    • #3 Zippers
    • #5 Zippers
  • Protection Width From Teeth: (Area where no glue will be applied)
    • #3 Set includes 3, 4 & 5mm width from teeth
    • #5 Set includes 5, 6 & 7mm width from teeth


  • #3 and #5 are the different sizes of zipper. Choose the size to match the zipper you use
  • Width mm represents the distance from metal zipper edge to where you want to start your tape or glue. 


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