Edge Paint Application Wheel with Adjustable Reservoir

Edge Paint Application Wheel with Adjustable Reservoir

Rocky Mountain

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If you plan on doing a lot of edge paint in your leatherwork, this tool is for you! Used for applying larger amounts of edge paint quickly and efficiently, the reservoir stores the dye while the fin on back controls how much paint loads onto the roller wheel. You then run your leather along the wheel and it coats a nice amount of edge paint. 

Benefits of this tool include that it frees up both hands so you can focus on getting the paint right where you need it. The large wheel is able to consistently load more paint, allowing you to make fewer passes. More paint give it the ability to easily self level and require less sanding once dry. 

The reservoir is made from a nice anodized aluminum. It is very easy to clean: simply pour back any excess edge paint and submerge in water for 5-10 minutes. You can then clean and dry with a soft rag and toothbrush.


  • Length: 80mm
  • Width: 30mm

Can hold about 0.5-1.0 oz of edge paint. 


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