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    KS Blade Punch

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    For sale is a set of brand new KS Blade "Round Dent" Irons (choose your size).  The KS Blade irons are a new design to traditional pricking irons. The teeth are round and thinner similar to a round awl, which allows for deep punch. Also for those clumsy moments we all have, the teeth are replaceable if you ever need to swap one out.

    The pricking iron set includes both a 2 tooth iron and ~1 inch wide iron (8, 9 or 10) teeth pending the size you choose). The wider iron makes quick punching on the longer straight parts of your leather, while the 2 teeth iron will allow you to navigate the bends in your stitch layout. These 2 irons together will cover all your situations when laying out your stitch pattern. 

    The pricking irons are made of high-quality steel and have a nice weight to them. The heavier weight makes it easy to set the tool in the correct position, preventing it from moving on you. The width of the teeth are fairly thin (unlike many irons) and create a very clean, non-bulky opening for threading.

    These irons will really develop your hand stitching efficiency and will produce extremely clean stitches. Pricking irons are one of the fastest ways to improve your hand stitching. 


    • #7 TPI Set (8 & 2 Teeth) 
      • 3.85 mm between teeth (6.5 stitches per inch)
    • #8 TPI Set (9 & 2 Teeth) 
      • 3.38 mm between teeth (7.5 stitches per inch)
    • #9 TPI Set (10 & 2 Teeth) 
      • 3.0 mm between teeth (8.5 stitches per inch)

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