Rocky Mountain Leather Rollers

Rocky Mountain Leather Rollers

Rocky Mountain

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These leather rollers have a nice weight to apply a nice amount of pressure to larger glueups for linings or applying 2 flat pieces together. The rollers come in 3 sizes which are determined by the length of the roller, 25, 53, and 90mm. 

The wheels rolls smoothly and have a nice bearing system. The handles are a nice comfortable wood with decorative mosaic pins.

These rollers are super handy to ensure you get even pressure on your glue ups and that they adhere evenly across the board!


  • Small: 
    • Roller Wheel Length: 25mm (~1.0") 
  • Medium:
    • Roller Wheel Length: 53mm (~2.0")
  • Large:
    • Roller Wheel Length: 90mm (~3.5")


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