Porosus Crocodile - Farm Raised (Top Quality) - Luxury Skins - Glazed Aubergine

Porosus Crocodile - Farm Raised (Top Quality) - Luxury Skins - Glazed Aubergine

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Mix 'n Match ANY Crocodile/Alligator Article/Color and SAVE!

**Available to ship to USA only!  We are not yet set up to export at the moment... We are working on it!**

These Porosus Crocodile hides are tanned in France by one of the top tanneries supplying the luxury brands. The skins are the highly sought after farm raised which is the highest quality available. 

We are excited to have available a Glazed Porosus Crocodile Hides. Porosus Crocodile is a luxury exotic leather that has one of the most distinct looks due to its beautiful and unique scales. Porosus Crocodile is arguably the top of the luxury exotics leathers and has become one of the most sought for high end leather goods. 

These specific Porosus Crocodile hides are farm raised which is the highest quality and selected in highest grades. These being glazed, they go through an added step where the fully aniline dyed skins are polished by a special agate stone. This creates an incredible depth to the vibrant colors that just can't be reproduced any other way. When natural light hits the skins the colors come alive. Hence again the reason glazed crocodile is so special and highly sought after.

The skins are mostly Grade 1 which across the belly no scratches and very clean scales. They are immaculate and worthy of your best projects!



The skins are all CITES II tagged and approved ensuring they were imported meeting all regulations and guidelines. The hides are farm raised (highest quality) for meat and the skin is a byproduct. 


Crocodile/Alligator are measured across the belly. So when you see 29cm, this means the skin is 29 cm wide across the belly area. Some Estimate dimensions are:

    • Thickness: 0.8mm (+/- 0.2mm)
    • Head Size: 15m wide by 20cm long
    • Belly Size: 28/29cm wide by 30cm long
    • Tail Size: 20cm wide by 50cm long

A few skins may have a small 1x3" sections of tail removed by the tannery for production/color testing. 


The Head has beautiful small scales that are great for card holders, other small leather goods and accents 

The Belly has beautiful square shaped scales and round shaped flanks that provide a ton of options. These are traditionally used in luxury goods like wallets, clutches, small purses, watch straps and other small leather goods. The 28 & 29cm width is great for so many of these items

The Tail has a unique slightly taller and more rectangular scales that are popular for watch straps, purse straps, cases, wallets, and many other small leather goods.


  • Please note the pictures are our best representation of the leather and colors vary from monitor to monitor. If color accuracy is very critical for you we recommend emailing us and purchase a sample cutting prior to purchase. Also note color can vary production dye lot to dye lot. 


At the moment we are not set up to export, we are working to make this a reality in the near future for a small fee. At the moment we can only sell within the United States. If you have any questions please reach out to our customer service team.