Tri Glide Strap Sliders (Solid Brass)

Tri Glide Strap Sliders (Solid Brass)

Rocky Mountain

Sale price$ 2.99 USD

The Tri Glide Strap Sliders are a great way to add an adjustment option to you projects that have straps or belts. They are especially great for duffle bags, totes, backpacks,  and much more. 

These sliders are made of solid brass and have a nice heft to them creating a luxury and high quality feel to your projects. These sliders also have a coating to help preserve the same brass color as they age. These are some of our favorite buckles due to how easy they are to use and the amazing look they add to straps.


  • 13mm (Fit straps 13mm wide)
  • 16mm (Fit straps 16mm wide)
  • 20mm (Fit straps 20mm wide)
  • 26mm (Fit straps 26mm wide)
  • 32mm (Fit straps 32mm wide)
  • 38mm (Fit straps 38mm wide)
  • 39mm (Fit straps 39mm wide)
  • 50mm (Fit straps 50mm wide)