• Twist - MasterFil Premium Waxed Linen Thread - Buy 5 Get 6th Free


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    We are excited to introduce our new MasterFil Premium Waxed Linen Thread. This linen thread is one of the best we have found due to its tight clean twist and vibrant colors.  Thread is currently offered 22 colors and 2 diameteres - 0.45mm and 0.55mm. The thread also comes wrapped on a patented spool that conveniently snaps open and closed to store the thread ends tightly and prevent any unwinding.

    The thread colors are vibrant, have a beautiful luxury feel, they are evenly dyed and have a very tight twist due to a new patented manufacturing process. The thread will add a nice luxury look and finish to your projects

    We tested many different thread manufactures in our search and have partnered with YueFeng and are excited to be their exclusive North American partner. If you want a sample send us a message and we can help arrange that. Also if you are looking for a similar polyester thread we have a new "Polybraid" thread available.  

    For the Buy 5 Get 6th Free - You can buy 6 and we will refund you one of them, or you can buy 5 and in the notes at checkout tell us the free color/size you want. You can mix and match and size as well to get to your 5.



    • 0.45mm (Similar to Lin Cable 632)
      • Spool Length 90 Meters
    • 0.55mm (Similar to Line Cable 532)
      • Spool Length 80 Meters
Twist - MasterFil Premium Waxed Linen Thread - Buy 5 Get 6th Free

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