Belt Buckles - "Diplomat" Single Prong (Solid Brass)

Belt Buckles - Diplomat Single Prong (Solid Brass) - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Made in Europe

Sale price$ 9.99 USD

Our premium Diplomat Belt Buckles are cast in solid brass. They are a single prong design with some nice heft to them for a clean everyday look. We have 2 sizes available.

They have a nice thick tongue to give an overall bold yet refined finish to any belt or strap.

Made in Europe by foundry with 60+ years experience 

Sizes & Dimensions:

  • 1.00 Inches (26mm) 
    • Fits belt straps 1 inch wide
  • 1.25 Inches (32mm)
    • Fits belt straps 1.25 inches wide