Italian šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ - "Explorer Slim" Belt Buckle (Solid Brass)

Italian šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ - "Explorer Slim" Belt Buckle (Solid Brass)

Made in Italy

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Our premiumĀ Italian Belt Buckles are cast in solid brass. They are a single prong design with some nice heft to them for a clean everyday look.Ā 

They have a nice thick tongue to give an overall bold yet refined finish to any belt or strap. The buckle has a clear coating to preserve its look

Made in ItalyĀ šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹


  • Base Metal:Ā Solid Brass


    • (40mm)Ā 1.5 InchesĀ 
      • FitĀ straps up to 1.5 inches wide
    • (35mm) 1.35" InchesĀ 
      • FitĀ straps up to 1.35 inches wide
    • (30mm) 1.2" InchesĀ 
      • FitĀ straps up to 1.2 inches wide


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