• Caviar Calfskin Leather - 3oz (1.1-1.3mm) - Made in France


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    **Free Leather Splitting down to 0.5mm also available! Click this link and add to cart. 

    Caviar Calfskin Leather is made in France and is well known for its beautiful pattern and texture. The leather is top grade and leans a more on the firm side. It is vegetable tanned and finished with a waterproof finish making it great for products that are exposed to the elements.

    A unique trait of this leather is its durability and scratch resistance making it a great choice for bags and leather goods needing unmatched durability for everyday wear and tear.

    It is easy to cut and skive. The leather's firmness will give some rigidity to your products and even allows for great molding applications. It is a versatile leather that will give a great dimension and a luxury feel to your products


    Sizes Available:

    • 3oz (1.1-1.3mm)   


    • Full Hide:  ~12 square feet  (~1.0 sq meters): ($18.99 sqft)
    • 1/2 Hide:  ~6 square feet  (~0.5 sq meters): ($19.99 sqft)
    • 1/4 Hide:   ~3 square feet  (~0.25 sq meters): ($21.99 sqft)
    • *NEW* - Purchase by the Square Foot ($22.99 sqft)
      • Most will be cut in 12 x 12 inches or 10 x 14.5inches
      • If you have special request please let us know
      • If you order more than 1 sqft we will combine sqft into one larger piece


    • Bags, Clutches, Purses (Great scratch resistance)
    • Wallet Exteriors and Interiors
    • Small Leather Goods where durability is important


    * We will measure each order and refund any hides that are smaller than rated size (anything larger you keep)


Caviar Calfskin Leather - 3oz (1.1-1.3mm) - Made in France

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