Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)

Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)
Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)
Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)
Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)
Tanneries Haas ūüáęūüá∑ - Caviar (Large)- Luxury Calfskin Leather (HIDES)
Caviar Calfskin Leather - 3oz (1.1-1.3mm) - Made in France - Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Tanneries Haas (France)

4 reviews
4 reviews
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*We charge a placeholder price and then will measure your exact hide and refund any difference in price


  • Article:¬†¬†Caviar Large
  • Tannery:¬†Tanneries¬†Haas ūüáęūüá∑ (France)
  • Full Grain:¬†Yes
  • Tannage:¬†Chrome Tanned
  • Cut:¬†Whole Hides
  • Grain (Top):¬†Embossed Bubble Grain
  • Flesh (Bottom):¬†Smooth Nap
  • Firmness:¬†¬†Medium 6/10
  • Dye:¬†Completely Through¬†
  • Finish:¬†Semi Aniline¬†
  • Burnishable:¬†No, Edge Paint Recommended
  • Thickness:¬†3oz (1.2mm) +/- 0.2mm
  • Splitting:¬†Yes, down to 0.6mm¬†¬†*Please note split leather cannot be returned & if hide is¬†wider¬†than 27" we will need to cut it into 2 pieces to fit the splitter (We cut¬†closer to¬†the belly side)
  • Restocked:¬†Yes, every 3-4 months
  • Yield:¬†High 90%+,¬†With a natural product like leather, there can be areas with neck and back wrinkles, veins, scars, bites, loose grain, but in general¬†this article can expect an overall high cutting area.¬†
  • Discounts:¬†Yes, volume discounts automatically applied on full hides. Note¬†Paypal does not load the discounts, please pay with credit card instead¬†
  • Luxury Brands:¬†Yes, used by¬†one of the top luxury brands on Handbags, Clutches, Shoes and other¬†Small Leather Goods

Please note the images are a representative of the actual product, however computer and device screens vary as do dye lots. The leather you receive may look different than it appears on your screen. We suggest that you request sample(s) before ordering when color is critical. Product descriptions are to the best of our knowledge, if you notice any errors please contact info@rmleathersupply.com


Large Caviar Calfskin comes from Tanneries Haas in France. Tanneries Haas has been specializing in the highest quality calf skins since 1842. Many of their articles are staples for the the top French luxury brands. They are masters of their craft and produce to the highest of requirements. 

The Large Caviar leather is classic pattern emulating caviar and its roundness. This calfskin is their top grade and leans a more on the firm side. It is finished with a waterproof finish making it great for products that are exposed to the elements.

A unique trait of this leather is its durability and scratch resistance making it a great choice for bags and leather goods needing unmatched durability for everyday wear and tear. It is easy to cut and skive. It is a versatile leather that will give a great dimension and a luxury feel to your products 


  • Full Hide:¬† ~24-26 square feet ¬†(~32 x 56 inches):¬† $12.99 sqft
  • 1/2 Hide:¬† ~12-13¬†square feet ¬†(~32 x 28 inches):¬† $13.99 sqft
    • We will charge you a placeholder price then measure exact square footage and send you a refund based on¬†actual price
    • Full Hides range from¬†18-26 square feet¬†and 1/2 Hides range from¬†9-13 square feet.¬†You could get a hide in those ranges and we will refund you according to the actual size



    • We are the Official US/Canada distributor for¬†Tanneries Haas - Contact us for discounted volume pricing


      • Bags, Clutches, Purses¬†
      • Wallet Exteriors and Interiors
      • Small Leather Goods¬†
      • Shoes
      • Watch Straps