Adjustable Pricking Iron

Adjustable Pricking Iron

Rocky Mountain

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This adjustable pricking iron is the ultimate for versatility! While you probably wouldn't want to stitch an entire bag with it, it is perfect for those occasional unique stitching needs. The adjustability gives you the ability to choose any width you want for those require something finer or really wide. Its also perfect for those times when you  come the end of your pricking and you see it doesn't land perfectly where you need. You can adjust down the stitching width slightly to land right where you need. 

This is the perfect tool to give you that flexibility you need!


  • Length: 6 inches
  • Tooth Width: 1.8mm
  • Pricking Spacing Range: 2.0 - 6mm


  • #3 and #5 are the different YKK Zipper sizes. Choose the size to match the zipper you use
  • Width mm represents the distance from metal zipper edge to where you want to start your tape or glue. 


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