Apollo - Round Carabiners (Solid Brass)

Apollo - Round Carabiners (Solid Brass)
Apollo - Round Carabiners (Solid Brass)

Rocky Mountain

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These premium Apollo Round Carabiners are made of solid brass and and are the perfect accessory for small leather goods and handbags.The solid brass gives them a nice heft and premium feel. The spring release has a nice snap to it and is made to tight tolerances. We have 4 sizes to fit your needs. These are really well made and will add a nice luxury feel to any project!


  • Base Metal: Solid Brass


  • 33mm
    • Outside Diameter: 33mm
    • Inside Diameter: 24mm
    • Brass Diameter: 4.5mm 
  • 30mm
    • Outside Diameter: 30mm 
    • Inside Diameter: 22mm
    • Brass Diameter: 4mm 
  • 22mm
    • Outside Diameter: 22mm
    • Inside Diameter: 25mm
    • Brass Diameter: 3.5mm 
  • 20mm
    • Outside Diameter: 20mm
    • Inside Diameter: 13mm
    • Brass Diameter: 3.5mm 


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