Saphir 🇫🇷 - Creme Universelle

Saphir 🇫🇷 - Creme Universelle

Saphir (France)

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Saphir Creme Universelle is the go-to leather conditioner in color-neutral, allowing you to use it safely on all of your leather goods, from shoes, belts, wallets, and purses, to leather furniture and other large leather items. Based on blend of Jojoba oil and beeswax, it is safe for use on all smooth and/or textured leathers and will not strip or alter the original pigments or finishes of your finest leather goods.

Think of using Creme Universelle the same way you think of applying lotion to your own dried or chapped skin – using a smooth cotton rag, generously spread an even layer over the selected leather item, concentrating on areas that are dry, damaged, or discolored. Allow the product to sit on the surface for 1-2 minutes before gently buffing it off with the same smooth rag. Leather will immediately appear revitalized and appropriately lustrous. When the leather is adequately moisturized and any excess Creme Universelle is thoroughly buffed away from the surface. 

  • Made in France  🇫🇷

2 Sizes Available:

  • Small (150ml)
  • Large (500ml)