• Fil Au Chinois "Special Maroquinerie" Polycotton Thread (For machine or hand stitching)

    Fil au Chinois

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    New spool of Fil au Chinois "Special Maroquinerie" Waxed Polycotton (Linen/Polyester Blend) Thread. The poly/linen blend is designed for machine stitching or hand stitching, it is lightly waxed with the right amount of wax to flow through a sewing machine without issue. 

    (Comes in all the same 31 colors as Lin Cable - We can special order in any color/size).  

    This high quality thread is made in France and is exclusively used by high end/luxury craftsmen for Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc. The Lin Cable thread is well known for its high strength, quality weave and beautiful rich colors. 

    It comes in a full spool of (1,750-4,4000 meters/depending on thread size) and is lightly waxed ready to use. This thread is great for both machine or hand stitching and other craft projects that require a strong thread. Below is some information on sizing and colors: 
    Size Comparison:
    • NM 28/2 - Diameter 0.38mm (3,500 meter spool length)
    • NM 28/3 - Diameter 0.45mm (2,300 meter spool length)
    • NM 28/4 - Diameter 0.52mm (1,750 meter spool length)
    • NM 50/2 - Diameter 0.36mm (4,000 meter spool length)

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