THK (Hasi-Hato) 🇯🇵 - Line Snaps Setter

THK (Hasi-Hato) 🇯🇵 -  Line Snaps Setter
THK (Hasi-Hato) 🇯🇵 -  Line Snaps Setter

THK / Hasihato (Japan)

Sale price$ 9.99 USD

These Hasi Hato line snap setters are made in Japan and are designed to set the line snaps in both small and large. You will also need to purchase the universal setting base which has a flat side and a concave domed side. This helps you to set both the flat size of the snaps and the rounded cap without damaging the snaps. 

Setting snaps takes a little practice, the key is to not pound them in 1-2 large hits! Rather you want to use more small to medium size hits with your mallet moving the setter tool around in a circular pattern to peen the metal for a tight fit. 


  • 1pc Setter - Small Size 
  • 1pc Setter- Large Size
  • Universal Base for Small and Large Line Snaps

We recommend purchasing a setting base for best results