Japanese Skiving/Utility Knife "Aogami - Super Blue" - Razor Sharp!

Japanese Skiving/Utility Knife "Aogami - Super Blue" - Razor Sharp!

Made in Japan

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For sale is a brand new high-end Japanese traditional skiving/utility knife.

This knife is handmade in Japan from a special tempered "aogami" super blue steel that is designed for high wear resistance. The blade comes carefully hand sharpened to a high reflective polish that is razor sharp and ready to use out of the package. The blade handle is set in a beautiful magnolia wood that will build a beautiful patina over the years of use.

The knife comes razor sharp and makes for extremely effortless skiving and cutting. The traditional Japanese skiving knifes are very versatile tools used not only to skive but to cut leather patterns, cut square ends and to make fine delicate cuts. Many Japanese artisans use this knife almost exclusively for all cutting because it is so versatile and precise.

Comes in Right or Left Handed



  • Steel: Aogami "Super Blue" 
  • Length:  170mm
  • Handle Thickness: 18mm


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