Luigi Carnevali 🇮🇹- Micro Suede Lining

Luigi Carnevali 🇮🇹- Micro Suede Lining

Luigi Carnevali (Italy)

11 reviews
11 reviews
Sale price$ 6.99 USD

Luigi Carnevali of Italy has been a pioneer in developing some of the most innovative reinforcements for the leather goods, footwear and leatherwear industries since 1908. They are well known and trusted by most of the luxury brands and can be found in many famous products. 

 The microsuede is a specially developed as a lining for all sorts of leather goods for bags, belts, wallets, shoes and more. The lining comes in at 0.5mm thick so it is a very unobtrusive product. It is very popular as and economic way to line larger items like bags and totes and provide a nice soft and luxury finish on the inside of bags.   


  • Black
  • Beige


  • 0.5mm


  • Panel:  1 square feet - (11 x 13 inches): $6.99 sqft
  • Section:  5 square feet - (53 x 14 inches): $3.19 sqft
  • 1x Sheet: 15 square feet - (53 x 42 inches) $2.69 sqft
  • 5x Sheet: 75 square feet - (53 x 42 inches/sheet) $1.99 sqft

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