Olympus - Luxury Key Loop Hardware

Olympus - Luxury Key Loop Hardware

Rocky Mountain

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The Olympus luxury loop key hardware is perfect for adding a luxury feel to your keys. These are some of our favorite small leather good projects where all you need is to cut some leather, stamp some initials or a company logo on the leather and lock it in with its 2 set screws.

These are perfect higher profit margin products you can sell quickly and at an affordable price. You can also try our alligator flanks as a perfect leather to add some exotic flare!


  • Length of Opening: 1.0 inches (~24.5mm)
  • Width of Opening: 0.18 inches (4.5mm)
  • Ideal Leather Thickness: 2mm (5oz) Looped *Screw will lock leather in place
  • Made in Italy

*Each order includes 2 set screws