Maryam ūüáģūüáĻ - Reverse Horse Butts - Veg Tanned Leather (HIDES)

Maryam ūüáģūüáĻ - Reverse Horse Butts - Veg Tanned Leather (HIDES)
Maryam ūüáģūüáĻ - Reverse Horse Butts - Veg Tanned Leather (HIDES)
Maryam ūüáģūüáĻ - Reverse Horse Butts - Veg Tanned Leather (HIDES)
Maryam ūüáģūüáĻ - Reverse Horse Butts - Veg Tanned Leather (HIDES)

Maryam (Italy)

3 reviews
3 reviews
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  • Article:¬† Reverse Horse Butts
  • Tannery:¬†Maryam (Italy)
  • Tannage:¬†Vegetable Tanned
  • Full Grain: Yes
  • Cut:¬†Horse Butts
  • Grain (Top):¬†Smooth with Rustic Characteristics¬†
  • Flesh (Bottom):¬†Smooth
  • Firmness:¬†Medium 6/10
  • Dye:¬†Completely Through¬†
  • Finish:¬†Full Aniline¬†
  • Burnishable:¬†Yes
  • Thickness: 5oz (2.0mm) +/- 0.3mm
  • Splitting: Unfortunately we are not splitting this article, if you really need it split contact us for details
  • Restocked: Yes, every 3-4 months
  • Yield:¬†Moderate¬†75%+,¬†With a natural product like leather, there can be areas with neck and back wrinkles, spidering, veins, scars, bites, loose grain, but in general¬†this article can expect an overall high cutting area. Double¬†Butts¬†also increase the cutting yield due to having no bellies where most the defects and loose grain are located. If you require large cuts for¬†bigger¬†products¬†like totes, duffles, etc., we recommend whenever possible ordering a full hide. This leather being full aniline (meaning the leather is very natural with no extra finishing on the surface to hide any flaws) darker colors will better hide any areas of concern. A key skill of using full aniline leather is the ability to work¬†less desirable areas of the hide into¬†the¬†less visible areas of your projects.
  • Discounts:¬†Yes, volume discounts automatically applied on full hides, you can mix and match colors. Note¬†Paypal does not load the discounts, please pay with credit card instead¬†

Please note the images are a representation of the actual product, the leather you receive may look different than it appears on your screen. This is due to the way monitors and devices project color. We suggest that you request sample(s) before ordering when color is critical. Also there can be differing dye lots with each batch of production and it is best practice to buy all your needs for a project at a single time. Product descriptions are to the best of our knowledge, if you notice any errors please contact


The Reverse Horse Butts article is tanned by the Maryam Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. The Maryam tannery, heir to centuries-old experience and knowledge, still performs with care and passion the slow process that takes raw hides to become leather, in total respect of nature. A process based on the use of natural tannins from the trees, new technologies and the slow passage of time.

The Reverse Horse Butts are vegetable tanned and cut from horse butts that don't have the size and other attributes to be selected for shell cordovan. The Reverse hides are finished to show the flesh side of the leather on the outside of your project. This leather has become popular with some of the top bootmakers and creates a really unique and rustic finished products! Also worthy of noting the leather will have the highly dense shell cordovan area still in the hide, they call this area the "bone" in Italy.

This veg tan horserump leather is the top grade, it is full grain with incredible denseness and a rich feel. Often many of these hides you will see small areas of actual shell cordovan within the hide you can you can use. It has a nice firmness with some slight suppleness. Horse butts are an extremely dense fibrous area of leather that lends itself well to durable applications like boots, shoes, wallets and other small leather goods.

These horse butts have an aniline finish showing off its natural grain and beauty meaning it will patina. One of the unique aspects of this leather is the honey comb pattern of wrinkles you see in the hides. It is a signature of some of this horse butt and give a special look to products made with it. And lastly, this leather has a TPR finish, which is a resin finish to gives the hide a stunning shell cordovan-esque finish. This leather is about as close as you get to shell cordovan at roughly 1/3rd the cost. We are confident this will become one of your favorites


      • Full Hide:¬† Placeholder¬†18-20 sqft:¬† ~ $15.99 sqft
        • Actual hide could range 12-20 sqft. We will refund difference
      • Half Hide:¬† Placeholder¬†9-10 sqft:¬† ~ $16.99 sqft
        • Actual hide could range 6-10 sqft. We will refund difference


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