Oka Factory 🇯🇵 - Japanese Style - Diamond Pricking Irons

Oka Factory 🇯🇵 - Japanese Style - Diamond Pricking Irons

Oka Factory (Japan)

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For Sale are Oka Factory Diamond Pricking Irons in sizes 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm

These pricking irons have the traditional Japanese diamond shape giving you a nice hole to fit thread through and then will close back up. The Oka pricking irons have some nice hand finishing and polishing that make it easier to go into and pull out of the leather. These irons are often copied but the cheaper imitations lack the hand finishing and grip the leather going in and pulling out

The me individually or in sets of 5 pricking irons (1, 2, 3, 4, & 6 tooth set) to provide you with maximum versatility and speed on your leather projects. We recommend for punching leather as thick as 5-6oz.

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Pricking Iron Spacing:

  • 2.5mm spacing between each tooth
  • 3.0mm spacing between each tooth
  • 3.5mm spacing between each tooth
  • 4.0mm spacing between each tooth
  • 5.0mm spacing between each tooth

Pricking Irons Teeth Options

  • 1 Tooth Pricking Iron
  • 2 Tooth Pricking Iron
  • 3 Tooth Pricking Iron
  • 4 Tooth Pricking Iron
  • 6 Tooth Pricking Iron




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