Olfa 🇯🇵 - Detail Knife

Olfa 🇯🇵 - Detail Knife

Olfa (Japan)

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The Olfa Detail Knife comes with 5 double sided replacement blades to ensure you have a sharp blade you can swap to. The knife handle is ergonomic and comfortable in the hand. The blades have a nice aggressive angle to get you into tight precise areas. It can be used for small tight cuts where high precision is needed or also in cutting out patterns. The handle has nice knurled brass the allows snug tightening on the blade to ensure it doesn't move when cutting.

This knife is a great tool to have for a plethora of cutting needs.

When you need to replace your blades the 30 Pack of Replacement Blades is the pack you need. Includes plastic case and comes razor sharp and ready to use.




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