Solid Copper Rivets & Burrs - Made in USA

Solid Copper Rivets & Burrs - Made in USA

Rocky Mountain

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Copper rivets are a tried and tested method in reinforcing high stress areas of leather products.

Our copper rivets & burrs are made in the US with solid copper and are some of the highest quality we have found. The rivets are manufactured to tight tolerances ensuring a consistent proper fit and installation. 

We offer the rivets in the following options:


Gauge  Cap Diameter  Shaft Diameter 1lb Box Qty
#9 0.46" (11.7mm) 0.16" (4.0mm) ~120 Rivets + 120 Burrs  
#12 0.37"  (9.4mm) 0.13" (3.4mm) ~200 Rivets + 200 Burrs
#14 0.31"  (7.8mm) 0.10"  (2.5mm) ~380 Rivets + 380 Burrs


**Length: 3/4"