Premium European Lasting Pliers

Premium European Lasting Pliers

Rocky Mountain

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These lasting pliers are really special to us, these are made for us from a reproduction model of an old family set of EA Berg shoemaker's pliers. Those familiar with the design know how amazing they are. We wanted to help preserve a great tool that we hope will enhance your shoemaking experience

These lasting pliers are forged of high quality stainless steel and then machined to very tight tolerances. You will see right away the precision and high craftsmanship these pliers are made to. The pliers have great ergonomics and transition from clamping/pulling leather to hammering nails into your last phenomenally. The handle is a great size that hits comfortably in the hand. The jaws have great a design for maximum grip with no slippage when pulling leather. 


  • Total Length: 30cm
  • Handle Length: 17mm
  • Max Width: 15.5mm
  • Max Jaw Opening Width: 18.5mm