Japanese "Shackle" Hardware - (Solid Brass)

Japanese "Shackle" Hardware - (Solid Brass)
Japanese "Shackle" Hardware - (Solid Brass)

Rocky Mountain

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The Japanese shackles are cast from beautiful solid brass giving them a premium heavier weight to them. The pin is precisely machined with nice tight tolerance making for a tight fit. These shackles are a great way to create unique accessories like keychains, bracelets, straps, belts, and more.
  • Small
    • Pin Opening: 6mm
    • Overall Length: 20mm
  • Medium
    • Pin Opening: 7mm
    • Overall Length: 25mm
  • Large
    • Pin Opening: 9.5mm
    • Overall Length: 26mm 
  • Extra Large
    • Pin Opening: 15mm 
    • Overall Length: 36mm