Split Key Rings (Solid Brass) 5 Pack

Split Key Rings (Solid Brass) 5 Pack

Rocky Mountain

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These split keyrings are made of solid brass and are a quality alternative to our plated rings. These buckles are made of solid brass and have a nice heft to them creating a luxury and high quality feel to your projects. These keyrings also have a coating to help preserve the same brass color as they age. These are some of our favorite key rings due to how easy they are to use and the amazing look they small leather good projects


  • Base Metal: Solid Brass


  • 28mm
    • Outer diameter: 28mm
    • Inner width:
  • 32mm
    • Outer diameter: 32mm
    • Inner width:
  • 35mm 
    • Outer diameter: 35mm
    • Inner width

 * Each order is for a 5-pack


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