Tanneries Haas šŸ‡«šŸ‡· - Shoe / Boot Lining - French Calf Leather (HIDES)

Tanneries Haas šŸ‡«šŸ‡· - Shoe / Boot Lining - French Calf Leather (HIDES)
Tanneries Haas šŸ‡«šŸ‡· - Shoe / Boot Lining - French Calf Leather (HIDES)

Tanneries Haas (France)

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    • Article:Ā Ā Shoe & Boot Lining
    • Tannery:Ā TanneriesĀ Haas šŸ‡«šŸ‡· (France)
    • Full Grain:Ā Yes
    • Tannage:Ā Vegetable Re-Tanned
    • Cut:Ā Whole Hides
    • Grain (Top):Ā Smooth Natural
    • Flesh (Bottom):Ā Smooth Nap
    • Firmness:Ā Ā Medium 6/10
    • Dye:Ā No Dye, Completely NakedĀ 
    • Finish:Ā Semi Aniline
    • Burnishable:Ā No, Edge Paint Recommended
    • Thickness:Ā 3oz (1.2mm) +/- 0.2mm
    • Splitting:Ā Yes, down to 0.6mmĀ 
  • Ā *Please note split leather cannot be returned & if hide isĀ widerĀ than 27" we will need to cut it into 2 pieces to fit the splitter (We cutĀ closer toĀ the belly side)
  • Restocked:Ā Yes, every 3-4 months
  • Discounts:Ā Yes, volume discounts automatically applied on full hides. NoteĀ Paypal does not load the discounts, please pay with credit card insteadĀ 
  • Luxury Brands:Ā Yes, used by some of the top luxury shoe brands for shoe and boot linings

Please note the images are a representative of the actual product, however computer and device screens vary as do dye lots. TheĀ leather you receive may look different than it appears on your screen. We suggest that you request sample(s) before ordering when color is critical. Product descriptions are to the best of our knowledge, if you notice any errors please contactĀ info@rmleathersupply.com


This beautiful shoe / boot lining isĀ one of the top luxury linings available. This leather is used by some of the best bespoke brands.Ā This calfskin is theĀ Tanneries HaasĀ top grade and has an amazing balance ofĀ softness and tight grain. The leather has a beautiful natural color and creates a nice contrast with almost all upper leathers. We are confident this will be a favorite for those shoemakers out there and will give your shoes a nice


        • Full Hide:Ā  22-24 square feet Ā (~56 x 56 inches):Ā  $16.59 sqft
        • 1/2 Hide:Ā  11-12Ā square feet Ā (~28 x 56 inches):Ā  $18.39 sqft
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          We are the US Distributor for Tanneries Haas . We can offer the discounts onĀ FULL HIDESĀ