• Tina Shoemaker's Knife


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    Tina Shoemaking knives have been made in Germany for over 150+ years, they are hand forged of high quality steel that comes razor sharp and holds a longer edge.  Below are a few different models with slightly different styles to match your preference. 

    These knifes will make quick work of all your skiving, sole shaping, general cutting needs. Knives come razor sharp ready to use. 


    • Body: Straight
      • (Double Bevel allows for both left handed and right handed use)
    • Tip: Flat
    • Length: 11 inches


    • Body: Curved
      • (Right Handed and Left Handed options)
    • Tip: Flat
    • Length: 11 inches


    • Body: Curved
      • (Right Handled)
    • Tip: Rounded
    • Length: 11 inches
Tina Shoemaker's Knife

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