• Uniters Pro Heatable Edge Paint (Matte) - 50 Colors!


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    The Uniter's heatable edge paint is one of the best edge paints we have found in our search for an edge paint with great penetration and adhesion, durability and flexibility. Uniters has become an industry leader and is pushing the envelope with new R&D developments.

    What has set Uniters apart is their versatility. Many edge paints have moved to thicker viscosities to save time in production with less coats. In large manufacturing this is a time saver, but outside of a very controlled enviornment this can cause issues with adhesion. Certain leathers with waxier content can inhibit penetration. For Uniters they have developed their product line with certain additives to custom tailor the edge paint to your leather and finished goods. We carry all their additives: thickeners, thinners, gloss finish, semi gloss finish, penetrator for waxy leather, and even a special product to achieve a more rounded edge. 

    But wait....one more thing....the best for last! We are excited to also now have a Custom Matching Edge Paint Machine! Think the way you get paint at a local hardware store, but for edge paint. You can send us in a leather sample and we can make a custom perfect match. We can also work from pantone numbers to get you just what you need! Click here for more information on custom matching. 


    We are currently stocking 50 colors in house!

    We can also custom match colors for you same day!


    • New! - 60ml (2oz Bottle) - Try more colors for less
    • Standard - 120ml (4oz Bottle)
    • Large - 500ml (16oz Bottle)
    • Need More? We have larger production discounts available


      1. Cut a clean leather edge
      2. If you want a more rounded edge you can bevel leather and/or burnish with a slicker.  Next apply a coat of Uniters EP Coat and let dry
      3. Next apply first coat of edge paint and let dry for 20 minutes (maybe shorter/longer depending on humidity level of room)
      4. Once edge paint has dried you can smooth it with hot iron or filleteuse (click here for more information) or sand with 400-600 grit sandpaper. Be careful not to remove to much paint. Light sanding is all you need
      5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until desired result
      6. Finishing options: 
    • Matte - Leave matte finish as is
    • Semi-Gloss - Apply beeswax and rub in with wax spatula or canvas cloth 
    • Semi Gloss Protective Layer -  Apply Uniters EP Semi Gloss Finish
    • Gloss Protective Layer - Apply Uniters EP Gloss Finish
    • And Voilla! A beautiful edge finish

    *Note if you want thicker or thinner edge paint you can use our additives to get just the right viscosity you want for your specific project

Uniters Pro Heatable Edge Paint (Matte) - 50 Colors!

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