Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Skiving / Paring Knife - "HSS" Angled

Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Skiving / Paring Knife - "HSS" Angled

Vergez Blanchard (France)

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The Vergez Blanchard angled skiving/paring knife with HSS "High Speed Steel" has a harder HSS steel helping it hold a sharper edge for longer. The angled version comes with a slight angle that gives leverage to your cuts and makes quick work as you skive.

The blade also lends a sharp tip when held vertically to cut the leather much like an Xacto knife. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and provides stability and precision to each cut.

We recommend when purchasing any knife to invest a little time in learning how to sharpen them past factory blade sharpness. There are great youtube videos that show basics of sharpening and keeping your knives as sharp as possible. This new skill will pay dividends in giving you cleaner, more effortless cuts. We are putting together a small guide to sharpening and some recommended kits depending on your budget. If you are interested feel free to email us for more info.



  • Blade Width: 4mm (1.5 in)
  • Handle to tip: 20mm (8 in)


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