Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Round Awl

Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Round Awl

Vergez Blanchard (France)

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The Vergez Blanchard Round Awl comes sharp and ready to use. The awl is 2mm at its widest and overall 38mm end to tip. This awl size fits great in the hand and is very comfortable. The blade length is a great length and a preferred size to increase control and to get very precise stitching holes. This tool is recommended to use on your corners for a clean transition between sides. It also is great for marking leather with templates for your cuts and is often used to apply colored edge paints.

This is a beautiful awl that will be a great addition to your workshop, producing profession results for a long time.



  • Tip Length: 38mm
  • Total Length: 120mm


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