Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Premium Edge Clamp Tool

Vergez Blanchard 🇫🇷 - Premium Edge Clamp Tool

Vergez Blanchard (France)

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The Vergez Blanchard edge clamp tool is made of high quality steel with a nice rubber coating that fits comfortably in the hand.  This tool comes really in handy to ensure your glued edges have adhered tightly without damaging your leatherwork.

It's smooth jaws clamp directly on your leather edge with a wide and even pressure and keep the grain compact as the glue dries. The clamp is also convenient for creating clean rolled edges by skiving your leather, rolling it and then pinching both sides in the jaws.  

The handle gradually increases that right amount of pressure giving you complete control of the applied pressure, producing professional clean edges. 

This will be a great addition to your workshop, producing professional results for a very long time



  • Length:  8 inches
  • Width: 4 inches


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