Full Aniline Leather

Aniline Finish is one of our favorites types of finish on leather. Aniline leather is in essence dyed leather that is completely “naked” and all natural. Being unfinished and natural it will show will show off it color variations and unique characteristics that differ from hide to hide. The lighter colors will tend to show more natural blemishes like bites, neck and fat wrinkles as there is nothing there to hide them. The darker colors are able to more easily hide the contrast of these blemishes and will be less visible.

The benefit of aniline finishes are many! One of the biggest reasons they are very popular is that the leather looks and feels very natural. Another benefit is the way it will develop a unique patina as ages over time. Products with aniline finish usually develop a beautiful worn finish. Those customers that have the most success with aniline leather often embrace the natural characteristics or strategically work them into their designs. If you are looking for more finished or consistent leather article send us an email and we can help you out. Please note because of the nature of the leather we are unable to process any returns that are due to the natural characteristics of the hide. But again feel free to check with us before ordering and we can try to find hides that meet your requirements. Thanks!